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  Gino & Jiri Taihuttu: two guitarists

Gino & Jiri Taihuttu:
A Father and son
and two guitars…

For generations the DNA of
the Taihuttu family has been breathing music....

Likewise the DNA of guitar sensation Gino Taihuttu (1961) who has passed on these genes to his son Jiri (1995). Currently, Jiri is seen as the biggest prodigy of Flamenco in the Netherlands.
Since his 10th age, Jiri has been taking lessons at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, being part of a special class for young talents and together with his teacher (Eric Vaarzon Morel), Jiri appeared in Dutch television shows such as ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ and ‘Vrije Geluiden’.

Their shared passion for Flamenco brought father and son Taihuttu on stage together, and since performed for over 300 times, sharing their own compositions with audiences.
The magical synergy between father and son can only be created by blood ties.
Once struck by their uplifting sounds, you are immediately captivated. With a nod to Latin and Jazz in their passionate manner of performing, they have concurred many European countries, such as The Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

Gino and Jiri write most of their own repertoire. Amongst their compositions, you will find soundtracks for short films, TV series ‘Van God Los’ and cinema hits ‘Rabat’ and ‘Wolf’. For the latter movie, Gino and Jiri achieved a nomination for a Golden Calf  (Dutch: Gouden Kalf), a prestigious award of the Dutch Film Festival, in the category for best music.

soundtrack of the documentary "Horse of Kings, Thief of Hearts" by Gino & Jiri Taihuttu 

Nowadays, the Taihuttu’s have their unique signature written over the music world, making it impossible for music passionate to ignore.
 Especially for real guitar lovers,
Gino and Jiri Taihuttu are a must see, or in fact, a must hear.

This year, Gino & Jiri are available in Ibiza (Camping Cala Nova)
from mid-July to mid-September
* Extra: May 1st, and around June 16th,
and always willing to fly in for a special guitar concert!

* For information and bookings please contact Gino Taihuttu:

Tel: (0031) 077-354 78 25
Mob: (0031) 06-12 06 84 62

























  Gino and Jiri Music
Their first album "The Horse of Kings" will be released around May
The soundtrack, flamenco style, will be released beginning of April, but now available on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.
Film Music Site
Game OST
about and by: Jiri Taihuttu
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Gino & Jiri Taihuttu: A Father and son and two guitars